Episode 1 – Chithravina Ravikiran

Welcome to Carnatic Swan Podcast!

In this episode we interview Sangitha Kalanidhi Sri Chithravina Ravikiran.

He is a prominent and important figure in the world of carnatic music. He has been selected for the Sangitha Kalanidhi award in 2017.

We discuss several topics from his biography, his father’s teaching methods, his compositions and creative muse, Acharyanet, Melharmony and Oothukadu Venkat Kavi.

Our Guest: Sri Chithravina Ravikiran

Chithravina Ravikiran Personal Website

@ravikiranmusic Twitter

Chitravina N Ravikiran Genius at Work Youtube Channel

Topics covered:

Sri Chithravina Narasimhan (Father)

Evolution of Laya from Grammer by Sri Chithravina Narasimhan

Acharyanet Online Carnatic Music Lessons

Venkat Kavi website

Melharmony Music

Compositions featured in podcast:

Mahalakshmi (Kalyani Raga) composed by Chithravina Ravikiran

Chithravina Caprice No. 1 (Melharmony)


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